Michael Pietrack and his team collectively bring over 20 years of world-class search success in the Biopharmaceutical Industry.  The TMAC Direct team is a group of highly qualified and experienced recruiters who focus on specific sectors of the Pharmaceutical Industry.   Since each specialty recruiter is working in a very tight niche daily, we develop deep relationships with the candidate pool. Candidates actually rely on us to keep them apprised of potential career-enhancing opportunities.   If you are looking for a specialist who can hand deliver the industry’s top talent, give us a call.

The TMAC Direct team is well attuned to the evolving role of medical affairs and they utilize this industry insight to help their customers.
— Ryan Arnold, DO, VP Medical Affairs, SAGE Therapeutics


Companies who engage TMAC Direct’s recruiting services are consistently impressed with our proficiency in delivering the right candidates in a very short time frame.  We reduce our clients’ “time to fill” because there is no unnecessary time spent in trying to identify candidates or “sourcing.”   We refer to this as recruiting ahead of the need.  Because we are leveraging both our deep expertise and well-developed relationships, we often have candidates in mind by the time we hang up the phone after learning about the assignment.  If you are looking for a search firm who can expeditiously bring you well-qualified candidates, TMAC Direct is the agency for you. 


TMAC Direct has been a great partner. The team has provided quality candidates for our Medical Affairs needs.  They are efficient and are able to source appropriate candidates quickly.
— Paula Swain, Executive Vice President, Human Resources


TMAC Direct is a customer centric recruiting agency with a keen eye for service.  Candidates and clients alike routinely comment that the overall experience with TMAC Direct is professional, friendly, and most of all, non-transactional.  If you’re a candidate or a hiring manager tired of transactional recruiting relationships without personalized service, give TMAC Direct a try to experience the difference yourself.


TMAC Direct will invest time up front with both candidates and clients to better match mutual interests and needs. Ultimately, this investment ensures an efficient process that results in positive outcomes for both parties.
— Allen Hauser, PharmD, MSL Director