Michael Pietrack

Head, TMAC Direct
Practice Director, Medical Affairs Recruitment

Phone Number: 678.581.4501
Email: MPietrack@TMACMail.com

Michael Pietrack is the Head of TMAC Direct and leads our Medical Affairs Recruiting Practice.  Michael has been consistently recognized as not only one of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s leading recruiters, but one of the Recruiting Industry’s top performers.  Before forming TMAC Direct, Michael was a part of the largest international network of recruiters where he perennially ranked among the network’s elite. In 2013, Michael was named the #1 Ranked Recruiter Worldwide.  As a result, he was nominated into the prestigious Pinnacle Society, the premier consortium of the top executive recruiters in North America.  Because of this recognition, Michael is a sought after speaker both at Pharmaceutical Industry events and Recruiting Industry training seminars.

On LinkedIn, Michael facilitates the largest private Medical Affairs discussion group dedicated to job opportunities, interviewing and hiring tips, and career advice, “TMACDirect-TheMSLRecruiter” He has distinguished himself from his competitors by being both a highly efficient and reliable recruiter, but also as an industry insider and trusted advisor.

“Michael is an enthusiastic and effective recruiter who was able to find a much higher caliber of employee on multiple occasions than we thought was possible. If you want someone to build you an A team, this is your guy.”
— Gwendolyn Binder-Scholl, PhD, Adaptimmune

Did you know?

  • Something Personal: Michael and his wife, Jamie, have three daughters.
  • First Job: Michael worked as a bus-boy at his Grandmother’s restaurant while he was in high school.
  • Education:  He earned a Master’s Degree in English/Curriculum and Instruction from New Mexico State University, where he was also an Assistant Baseball Coach.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2017-Keynote Speaker at Georgia Associate of Professional Services
  • 2017-Panelist at the Tennessee Recruiters Association
  • 2017-Guest speaker at the Rutgers Pharmacy Industry Fellowship Program
  • 2016-Guest speaker at The Medical Science Liaison Society’s Career Conference
  • 2016-Guest speaker at the Drug Information Association (DIA) Conference
  • 2015-Recognized by PharmaVoice 100 of the Most Inspiring People in Pharma
  • 2015-Formed TMAC Direct in a joint partnership with The Medical Affairs Company
  • 2015-Named to The MSL Society Advisory Committee
  • 2014-Voted into the Pinnacle Society, which is a consortium of the 75 highest performing recruiters in North America
  • 2014-#3 Worldwide Ranking
  • 2013-#1 Worldwide Ranking
  • 2012-#4 Worldwide Ranking
  • 2011-#98 Worldwide Ranking
  • 2010-#40 Worldwide Ranking


Michael, along with the principals of The Medical Affairs Company, founded TMAC Direct on March 16, 2015.  They selected each other because of their aligned expertise and business philosophy. 

“I try my best to take a long-term view with every call and to put other people’s needs ahead of my own,” Michael said. “The Medical Affairs Community is a small one, and I could never afford to be merely transactional.  The deep relationships I’ve built mean a great deal to me professionally and personally.  When I make placements, I feel like I’m helping friends on both ends.”

Michael Pietrack is the first person I think of when I have had to recruit an MSL team.  He understands the needs of the client as well as MSL candidate.  He adheres to timelines and presents qualified candidates in a timely fashion. 
— Sheila McFadden Waters, Senior Director
I valued the way Michael looked beyond the resume and placed an equal focus on the candidate’s motivation for change and their fit within a team of multiple personalities and experience.
— Anthony Traina, PharmD, Indivior